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ÇaFleureBon: Streetcar Magnolia Review

Posted on July 03 2023

ÇaFleureBon: Wit & West Streetcar Magnolia (Whitney Swales) 2021+ Garden District Giveaway

Excerpt from ÇaFleureBon

What does New Orleans smell like in your imagination? A confetto of fruity florals with as many colours as Mardi Gras beads? Indolic, fading jasmine for Blanche Dubois? King cake, chicory coffee and the yeasty waft of beignets? For Whitney Swales, founder and nose for botanical brand Wit & West, it is the herbal floral, Streetcar Magnolia. Described as a “nod to the historic St. Charles Streetcar of New Orleans and the state flower of Louisiana …  [and an] afternoon spent exploring the French Quarter before heading over via streetcar to the enchanting Garden District,” Wit & West Streetcar Magnolia is more Lucinda Williams than House of the Rising Sun, sidestepping associations with Tennessee William’s doomed heroine with a modern, upbeat floral that leans, surprisingly, into herbs and incense.

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ÇaFleureBon: Wit & West Streetcar Magnolia + Garden District Giveaway


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