Perfume and the world of perfumery is thousands of years old with its origin being rooted in the burning of incense. The first use of perfume can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and Cyprus where the first perfumes were blended with aromatics and rare raw materials such as resins, oils and fragrant herbs. Perfume usage and the art and craft of perfume-making has evolved over 5,000 years – with the decline of natural perfumes beginning in the 20th century as synthetics entered the market. Synthetics allowed both the perfumer and perfume-wearer increased accessibility to the world of perfume through the use of less expensive ingredients. As a result, since the early 1920s synthetics have dominated the perfume world with most mainstream perfumes being comprised of very few (if any) natural ingredients.

While certainly having a purpose and place in mainstream and indie perfumery, we believe that synthetics alone do not represent what scent and perfume should be – inimitable, luxurious and natural  – an olfactory interpretation of an essence in its true form that elicits emotion, connects us to the natural world, and ties memories to the moments in our lives. Synthetic materials alone fall short of our standard for drawing upon the richness and beauty that exists in the natural world. If compared to other prized sensory experiences such as wine, artisanal coffee or chocolate – using synthetics is considered non-negotiable. We take this same approach in our perfumes.

Perfume can't truly be experienced if treated as disposable, uninspired fast-fashion. We believe perfume is an experiential art, both for the perfume wearer and the perfumer. Our approach is based on a commitment to creating authentic, handcrafted perfumes developed with 100% natural whole botanicals and naturally derived ingredients that are unique and never boring. At Wit & West there is no corporate structure or shareholders who tell us what our brand is or should be, no scent of the month gimmicks and no outsourcing of our perfume creation or fulfillment. All perfumes are designed, formulated, bottled and packaged in small batches completely in-house in our studio in Littleton, CO. As a purpose-based business, we strive to ensure our small-batch process, 100% natural whole botanicals and naturally derived ingredients and packaging are focused on sustainability, minimalism and recyclable materials. By purchasing our raw materials and packaging in small quantities as well as producing our finished perfumes in small-batches, we ensure we only produce what will be enjoyed - with as minimal waste as possible. All of our perfumes are cruelty-free, phthalate and paraben free. 

Fragrance by Wit, Design by West.