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What is Private Label Perfume?

Private label perfume allows individuals who want to create a custom perfume for their brand to outsource either part of the process or the entire process to a perfumer who can then lead the process end-to-end including the design, formulation and manufacturing of the fragrance concentrate on behalf of the brand. From there, the brand has a custom fragrance that they can then sell with their own packaging and branding. 

Why Create a Natural Perfume or Cologne Tailored to Your Brand?

Are you interested in launching a fragrance created especially for your brand, but you aren't quite sure where to start? By working with Wit & West Perfumes, we can work with you to create a completely unique-to-you, custom natural perfume or cologne that aligns with your brand's aesthetic and style.

You will work with our perfumer who will help you through each step in the private label process including:

  1. Creation of a project brief (includes key information about the perfume including vision, preferred notes and olfactive family, etc.)
  2. Sample review and assessment
  3. Selection of a final version of your original custom perfume*
  4. If applicable, post-production support including packing design and sourcing.

*PLEASE NOTE: At Wit & West Perfumes our focus is on perfumery as an olfactive artform. As such, we only offer services for new/original creations and do not offer services focused on recreations of existing or discontinued fragrances (sometimes called "dupes"). For additional details, please read our FAQs.

Work with Wit & West for Your Private Label Perfume

For more information and/or to get a quote for your project, please complete the below contact form with your name, email and phone number and then in the "Message" section of the form please also provide your company name, project budget, due date and any additional details about your specific project goals. We will get back to you with additional questions and/or follow-up information needed for creating a scope of work and project quote.

Only serious inquiries will be considered. We do not offer quotes for price shopping purposes.

IMPORTANT: Upon completion of the contact form please make sure you scroll to the top of the page and complete the CAPTCHA form (otherwise we will not receive your message)