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ÇaFleureBon: Scents of Healing

Posted on June 07 2023

ÇaFleureBon: Scents of Healing with Wit & West Perfumes, Anjali Perfumes & Maher Olfactive

Excerpt from ÇaFleureBon

Contemporary society has a complex relationship with the subject of rest. Even more so if that rest is in service of healing. The past few years have brought these ideas squarely to the forefront of many of our lives, or the lives of those we know and love. While you might not find rest, convalescence, or recovery as important subjects in modern medicine, you will find the term post-viral fatigue

...Changing our environment through scent can be a powerful tool for health. Wit & West’s Jasmine Pet Noi Eau de Parfum takes us to a garden in full bloom. Pink peppercorn and bitter orange sparkle through thick evening air...

Read the article and review by Senior Contributor, Rachel K. Ng, on ÇaFleureBon here: 

ÇaFleureBon: Scents of Healing by Rachel Ng

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