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ÇaFleureBon: La Valse Review

Posted on January 15 2024

ÇaFleureBon: La Valse Eau de Parfum Review by Sandi Lundberg, featuring Wit & West Perfumes

Excerpt from ÇaFleureBon

La Valse was intended to be the waltz to end all waltzes. La Valse seems to be a rose fragrance to end all rose fragrances. Whitney Swales, ballroom dancer and natural perfumer for Wit and West describes the story behind La Valse as a dance of grace and elegance transporting you to a different time. The waltz was scandalized and beloved due to its extravagant turns and close embrace. The very nature of the waltz allowed for affection, conversation, and perfume to be shared only with one’s partner.

Read the article and review by Contributor, Sandi Lundberg on ÇaFleureBon here: Wit & West La Valse by Sandi Lundberg

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