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The Wit & West Bespoke Perfume process is a personalized experience that allows you to refine and edit your perfume blend with the support and expertise of our perfumer, Wit. The process includes 3 phases with edits to the formulation based on your feedback. Once selected, your final custom perfume will be mailed to you in two (2) 15ml bottles and one (1) 50ml bottle. We keep your perfume formulation on file so you can place refill orders of your perfume.

Phase 1: Perfume Direction

The Bespoke process will begin with you completing the Bespoke Experience Form*:

  • Select essences from each category; base, heart and top notes
  • Indicate perfumes or other fragrant products you like or dislike
  • Provide details on your goals for your bespoke scent

Two (2) 1.5ml perfumes will be mailed to you for your initial review to determine the “direction” of the perfume

*The Bespoke Experience Form will be emailed to you upon purchasing the Bespoke Experience.

    Phase 2: Initial Evaluation

    Once the perfume direction is determined you will receive new iterations of your custom perfume to evaluate and provide feedback

    Phase 3: Final Bespoke Perfume

    After reviewing additional versions of your perfume you will select a final perfume for us to pour, age, bottle and mail to you in two (2) 15ml bottles and one (1) 50ml bottle. We will keep your perfume formulation on file and you can order refill bottles in the future through the Bespoke Refill option.

    Have additional questions on the Bespoke Experience? Check out our Bespoke FAQ.