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 Who We Are

Wit & West Perfumes is a 100% all-natural botanical perfumery with a focus on rare ingredients and unique scents for those who don't want to smell like everyone else. Based in Colorado, our small-batch artisanal perfumery is solely owned and operated by myself (Wit) and my husband (West). Our perfumes are handcrafted in small batches using only the finest, high-quality 100% natural whole botanicals and naturally derived ingredients including wildcrafted and organic essential oils, CO2 extracts, absolutes, naturally derived isolates as well as custom tinctures and enfleurage extraits carefully selected, sourced and handmade from raw materials including those from our very own garden. The alcohol base used in our perfumes is three-stage filtered USDA organic grape alcohol made from the finest certified organic wines and grape varietals. Our perfumes and colognes are vegan, cruelty-free (we are Leaping Bunny certified), phthalate and paraben free.


Why Natural Perfume?

While certainly having a purpose and place in mainstream and indie perfumery, we believe that synthetics alone do not represent what scent and perfume should be – inimitable, luxurious and natural – an olfactory interpretation of an essence in its true form that elicits emotion, connects us to the natural world, and ties memories to the moments in our lives. Synthetic materials alone fall short of our standard for drawing upon the richness and beauty that exists in the natural world. If compared to other prized sensory experiences such as wine, artisanal coffee or chocolate – using synthetics is considered non-negotiable.

We believe perfume is an olfactive and experiential art for the senses, akin to music or visual arts. Different tastes point people toward an affinity for different genres and the same is true in perfumery. Our perfume genre is artisan natural perfumery with a perfumer’s palette comprised of all-natural botanical ingredients. Our approach is based on a commitment to creating thoughtfully handcrafted all-natural botanical perfumes and colognes in small batches that are beautifully opulent, multi-layered, unique, and never boring.

To learn more about natural perfume, check out our blog post: What is Natural Perfume?.


Our Small-Batch Artisanal Process

Perfume can't truly be experienced if treated as disposable, uninspired fast fashion. We believe perfume is an experiential art, both for the perfume wearer and the perfumer. Our approach is based on a commitment to creating authentic, handcrafted perfumes that are unique and never boring. At Wit & West there is no corporate structure or shareholders who tell us what our brand is or should be, no scent of the month gimmicks and no outsourcing of our perfume creation or fulfillment. All perfumes are designed, formulated, bottled and packaged in small batches completely in-house in our studio in Littleton, CO. 



As a small-batch indie natural perfumery and as co-owners of Wit & West Perfumes, West and I are always looking at our business operations and practices including ways to improve upon them. We strive as much as possible to maintain that our small-batch process, ingredients, packaging and shipping processes have a focus on sustainability, minimalism and recyclable materials. In addition, we are committed to sustainability through partnerships and annual giving to nonprofit organizations that are dedicated environmental causes and protecting our planet.

  • Our Process, Ingredients & Sourcing: By purchasing our raw materials and packaging in small quantities from trusted suppliers as well as producing our finished perfumes in small-batches, we ensure we only produce what will be enjoyed - with as minimal waste as possible. We also work with our suppliers to verify there is origin traceability and information regarding the farming and cultivation process of our raw materials ensuring ethical and sustainable practices are maintained (including documentation on-hand where required). In the case of threatened or vulnerable species/raw materials, we look for alternative sources from other supplier(s) and/or we use similar alternative natural/naturally derived ingredients. All of our perfumes are vegan, cruelty-free (we're proud to be Leaping Bunny certified), phthalate and paraben free. See our FAQs to learn more about our process and ingredients. 
  • Shopify Sustainability Fund: We've partnered with Planet by Shopify, a program that is part of the Shopify Sustainability Fund, to use a portion of all Wit & West profits to offset 100% of carbon emissions for shipped orders. Funds generated through the Shopify Sustainability Fund go toward supporting organizations and innovative companies committed to fighting climate change (learn more about Shopify Sustainability Partners). Interested in learning more about how carbon emissions from Wit & West orders are calculated to ensure each shipment is carbon neutral? Visit the blog feature on Making Your Shipment Carbon Neutral with Shopify Planet.
  • 1% for the Planet: Wit & West is proud to be a 1% for the Planet business member. As a business member, we donate at least 1% of our total revenue each year to 1% for the Planet and their network of carefully selected nonprofit organizations committed to protecting our planet and the environment in these six areas: climate, food, land, pollution, water, and wildlife (the network of organizations includes those such as the World Wildlife Fund, Rainforest Alliance, Oregon Tilth and many, many more). Learn more about 1% for the Planet and become an individual or business member today.


     How to Use & Important Things to Know About Natural Perfume

    • Natural perfumes made from 100% all-natural ingredients tend to last between 2-6 hours depending on the perfume as well as the person wearing the perfume. Ensure you have well-moisturized skin and apply perfume liberally on your pulse-points. For added longevity try spritzing in your hair.
    •  Dark colored perfumes may potentially stain clothing. Spray directly on skin to avoid any clothing stain mishaps. Natural perfumes take on the color of their botanical ingredients – don’t worry, our perfumes are not artificially colored! Some raw materials such as jasmine sambac are a darker reddish color, other ingredients such as osmanthus are slightly greenish in color. Synthetic perfumes are often transparent so look out for perfume brands that claim to be natural when their products are transparent in color – they are likely not 100% natural. 
    • Keep your perfume bottle away from extreme temperatures and avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
    • As with any perfume, you should always conduct an allergy patch-test prior to use. Our perfumes contain ingredients such as citrus essential oils, floral absolutes, etc. that some individuals may find irritating to their skin.
    • Citrus oils used in some of our perfumes can cause photosensitivity, do not apply to the skin before direct sun exposure.
    • Common Sense Reminder: For external use only. Do not ingest. Avoid contact with eyes.