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ÇaFleureBon: Wit & West The Violetear Review

Posted on April 08 2023

ÇaFleureBon: Wit & West The Violetear Eau de Parfum Review

Excerpt from ÇaFleureBon

Springtime advances through buds, blooms, and bird song. The season for love in all its splendor arrives with its perpetual astonishment. Natural perfumer Whitney Swales knows that “the sounds of spring are brought to life with the buzz of the striking hummingbird known as the Mexican Violetear – a rare sighting for those in the Rocky Mountains to behold. Violet-colored feathers on its crown sparkle in the sunlight as it flits from flower to flower, reappearing only long enough to disappear again, a reminder of nature’s fleeting and enthralling beauty.”

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ÇaFleureBon: Wit & West The Violetear Review by Rachel Ng

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