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ÇaFleureBon: Top 10 Perfumes of 2023 Part 6

Posted on December 28 2023

ÇaFleureBon: Top 10 Perfumes of 2023 Part 6 by Rachel Ng and Danu Seith-Fyr, featuring Wit & West Perfumes

Excerpt from ÇaFleureBon

2023 has been an invigorating and exciting year for independent and artisanal fragrances. As science delves further into the neurobiology of olfaction, we are discovering more about the epistemology of scent and expanding the very boundaries of fragrance art. The perfumes that most drew my attention this year are oriented by an aesthetics of post-modern deconstruction; fragrances that, in some manner, deconstruct pe-existing forms and reimagine them in a way that fractures categorization. The Top 10 perfumes of 2023 have greatly encouraged my hope in the future of perfumery with informed efforts to protect the perfumer’s palette and continued commitment to originality represented by the Perfumery Code of Ethics (many adherents’ work you will see on my best-of list). I look forward to seeing what’s next. 

Read the full article written by senior contributor, Rachel Ng and contributor, Danu Seith-Fyr on their Top 10 Perfumes of 2023 on ÇaFleureBon here: 

ÇaFleureBon: Top 10 Perfumes of 2023 (Part 6) by Danu Seith-Fyr and Rachel Ng

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