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We are looking for passionate and loyal ambassadors to be a part of our Wit & West Perfumes Brand Ambassador Program. Interested in learning more? Please review the below for additional details and to decide if the program is right for you.

Responsibilities & Requirements

As a Wit & West Perfumes Brand Ambassador, you will promote Wit & West Perfumes throughout your community and social media platforms. We want you to share your passion and enthusiasm for natural botanical perfumes with our current and potential community.

Brand ambassadors are expected to participate in actively marketing our brand online. This entails generating online content on your blog and social media platforms.

As an ambassador, it’s also important to be knowledgeable about Wit & West Perfumes as well as natural botanical perfumes. This includes sharing information about our product lines (Colognes, Signature, Reserve) as well as news about new product launches and educating consumers on what makes botanical perfumes unique and special.

The below are our specific requirements for Brand Ambassadors:

  • Wit & West Brand Ambassadors must be USA-based
  • Wit & West Brand Ambassadors must have a high-quality presence from a social media perspective with professional content (copy, images, photos, etc.). We do not work with individuals who post inappropriate content or content that is viewed as disrespectful or harmful to any individuals or groups.
  • If accepted, Wit & West Brand Ambassadors must participate in the program for at least 6 months.
  • Post at least 2 quality photos or videos of Wit & West Perfume products per month. It’s important to remember that to us, quality of content is more important than quantity. Authenticity is true to who we are as a brand, and we want our brand ambassadors to reflect that as well.
  • Provide your audience with positive and uplifting content that represents our ethos of handcrafted, small-batch 100% all-natural perfumes that are unique and never boring.
  • Please always make sure to include links to our website ( and social media (@witandwest).
  • Share discount codes with your followers.

Benefits of the Wit & West Perfumes Brand Ambassador Program

  • Promotion: As a Wit & West Perfumes Brand Ambassador we value you as a loyal brand advocate and voice in the community. As such, we will promote you as our ambassador (organic and paid from time-to-time) on our website and via social media.
  • Product Discounts: We will provide you with a discount code for yourself as well as your followers.
  • Commission: Depending on the type of brand ambassadorship you are approved for; we will provide a commission on products sold with your exclusive discount code.

How to Become a Wit & West Brand Ambassador

We choose brand ambassadors based on your passion not only for fragrance, but also your passion for small, independent and artisanal perfume brands. More specifically, we are looking for individuals who are interested in and passionate about natural botanical perfumes. Our belief is that perfume can't truly be experienced if treated as disposable, uninspired fast-fashion. We believe perfume is an experiential art, both for the perfume wearer and the perfumer. Our approach is based on a commitment to creating authentic, handcrafted perfumes developed with 100% natural whole botanicals and naturally derived ingredients that are unique and never boring.

Note that being passionate about and/or interested in natural botanical perfumes doesn’t simply mean that you like “clean” beauty, this means you are familiar with natural botanical perfumes and that you understand the difference in ingredients as well as the difference in the olfactory experience of botanical perfumes vs. synthetic perfumes. Natural botanical perfumes are beautiful and come alive on the skin with nuances in the scent evolving as the perfume dries down. The experience is a different one from synthetic perfumes but one that we think is quite lovely and unique. However, we recognize that scent is a personal experience and botanical perfumes are not for everyone and that’s OK! Our goal is to tap into an audience of individuals who don’t want to smell like everyone else and who enjoy the experience of something outside the mainstream.

Lastly, professionalism in writing, content, photography and interaction with the community is important as well. We value authenticity and positivity that inspires perfume lovers to try us out because we are different, and we want brand ambassadors that do that too.

Interested in applying to our brand ambassador program, but not familiar with natural botanical perfumes? Please check out the Wit & West Field Notes Blog to learn more and see if the program is right for you.

Apply to Become a Wit & West Brand Ambassador

Sound like you and something you’d be interested in? Then we’d love to have you as a Wit & West Brand Ambassador! To apply please complete the Brand Ambassador Application.


NOTE: While we will try and make every effort to respond to your application, we cannot respond to everyone. Your application will remain on file, so if you do not hear from us right away, please do not get discouraged. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!